Pipe Coating


AFT, Inc. Has the solution to prevent corrosion  problems in your pipelines. With our high quality pipe coatings products, corrosion will no longer be a concern, ensuring the good performance of the pipes for several years of service.  Depending on the temperature and soils conditions of the surroundings, we have available the next coating options:

  • Covalence Heat Shrinkable Products: shrinkable sleeves and tapes for corrosion protection in water, gas, oil & insulated pipelines.
  • Pipeline coating systems: polyethylene tapes for pipeline protection for all environments.
  • Powercrete: Coatings for Rehabilitation, directional drilling, girth weld protection, offshore applications, patch and repair, potable water and flow efficiency.
  • Anodeflex: flexible cable anode for use in cathodic protection systems for buried structures.
  • Citadel DiamondWrap: 100 percent epoxy and carbon composite systems for interior and exterior pipe rehabilitation.
  • Elconeter (Inspection Equipment)